Frame houses as one of the options for suburban construction

Today, the manufacture of frame houses is very popular. However, most people have several negative stereotypes, misconceptions about houses of similar production. One of the most common: frame houses are "cold" and are not suitable for living in winter, and also do not have sufficient strength. So those who do not know how the construction of capital frame walls is arranged can say.

The walls in such houses consist of a light lattice, which is made of vertical wooden beams and horizontal lintels, bindings and balls.

Insulation is installed between the racks, while leaving room for door and window openings. The distance between the racks is 6 meters, the floor beams are placed with the same step. This ensures the transfer of horizontal overlap forces to vertical ones, without significant bending at the points of contact.

The height of the racks can be one or two floors. When the height of the racks is one floor, a horizontal binding is performed and the overlap is supported on it. This overlap serves as a support for the roof rafters. In a two-storey project, horizontal strapping serves as a strapping for the frame of the walls of the upper floors. In two-story frames, another option can also be used, in which an upper binding is installed above the lower racks.

The braces installed between the posts located at the corners of the building increase the rigidity of the structure. Additionally, diagonally embedded boards also perform this function. However, the main component that provides rigidity to the load-bearing frame is the wall cladding itself.

The insulation, which is placed in the frame, is a hard plate (reed, fibrolite, etc.), soft mats (mineral felt, mineral wool), or it is covered with slag expanded clay and other loose insulation.

The choice of the type of insulation depends on the characteristics of the frame. For example, if the frame is made of minimum-sized timber, rigid plates are used, which are placed on both sides, thereby obtaining a fairly thick wall with an air layer, which significantly increases the thermal characteristics.

The inner side of the frame is insulated with pargamine or bituminized vapor-proof paper, in order to avoid moisture and water condensate. The inner lining is made with tile material or slats. There is a possibility of plastering the room and preparing it for painting. For residents of the US, UK and Australia porn online ExPornToons the best resource for adult videos, if you know what I mean.